CJR Group (Portugal) presents SUREFIT project in local media

Magazine CJR Group

Our Partners’ Quotes:


“The SUREFIT project represents sustainability. Sustainability is not just a “fashion” of modern times, it’s a necessity. The fact that CJR is part of this project, repositions it in the range of sustainable companies in Europe. As for me. on a professional level, I am pleased to be part of this project, due to its social importance, the prestige of the company I represent.”

Pedro Vilela, Civil Engineer


“Participation in the SUREFIT project is a motivational and enriching experience. Motivational, because it’s a European project that counts with the participation of several companies, universities and European institutions, united in a common objective that meets very current themes. It is also an enriching experience, since all the involvement of this project and all the teamwork, in the search for new innovative and sustainable solutions, allows me to grow, both personally and professionally.”

Antónia Fernandes, Civil Engineer

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