Clustering SUREFIT was mentioned in Energy opportunities

Clustering: SUREFIT was mentioned in Energy opportunities in Horizon Europe: Community Building on “Renewables & Efficient Buildings”

On May 7th, 2024, a significant milestone was achieved for Surefit as our project was prominently mentioned during the “Towards Sustainable Future: Energy opportunities in Horizon Europe and Community Building on ‘Renewables & Efficient Buildings” event. Organized by ANI, this digital session was dedicated to exploring the future of renewable energy and the built environment under the Horizon Europe framework.

Event Overview

The event, which ran from 14:15 to 16:30, focused on two main areas:

  1. Destination 3 – Sustainable, Secure, and Competitive Energy Supply

This segment highlighted renewable energy sources, providing participants with a detailed look at the upcoming opportunities in this sector. The European Commission and the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) were represented, offering valuable insights into the 2024 funding topics and calls for proposals. This session aimed to enhance understanding and engagement with cutting-edge renewable energy technologies.

  1. Built4People Partnership – Focus on the Built Environment

The second part of the event delved into the Built4People partnership, which concentrates on creating sustainable and efficient built environments. This initiative seeks to transform construction and building management through decarbonization and innovative solutions. Following the presentations, an international panel discussed national landscapes in research and innovation, particularly in renewable energies and the decarbonization of the construction industry.

Surefit’s Recognition

During this event, Surefit was recognized for its contributions and innovative approaches within the realm of renewable energy and efficient building solutions. This mention underscores the impact and relevance of our work in advancing sustainable technologies and methodologies.

The event concluded with a wealth of useful information, including outcomes from previous calls and guidance on support available from National Contact Points. This information is crucial for entities ranging from universities and research centers to industrial clusters, companies, and municipalities engaged in the fields of renewable energy and construction.

Surefit’s mention at this significant event not only highlights our project’s achievements but also reinforces our commitment to driving forward the agenda of renewable energy and efficient buildings. We remain dedicated to pioneering solutions that contribute to a sustainable and resilient future.

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