Project Overview

The aim of Surefit is to demonstrate fast-track renovation (40% reduction in implementation time) of existing domestic buildings by integrating innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally-conscious prefabricated technologies. This is to reach the target of near zero energy through reducing heat losses through the building envelope and energy consumption by heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting, while increasing the share of renewable energy in buildings. This will be achieved through a systematic approach involving key stakeholders (building owners and users, manufacturers, product and services developers) in space heating, cooling, domestic hot water, lighting and power generation, as well as a demonstration phase in five representative buildings in different climates.
In summary, SUREFIT aims to achieve:

  1) Reduction in primary energy use and carbon emission by 60%.
  2) Reduction of cost by 50%.
  3) Reduction of time for renovation by 40%.

Surefit Project success stories

Success Stories

Here you will find information on the Impact, the output and the achievements of Surefit Project.

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