SET2023 is a multi–disciplinary, peer-reviewed international conference on sustainable energy sources and technologies that provides a forum for the exchange of latest technical information, the dissemination of the high-quality research results, the presentation of the new developments in the area, and the debate and shaping of future directions and priorities for sustainable development and energy security.

SUREFIT partners presented SUREFIT project with the following presentations:

Paper #241: Operational tool for selecting energy systems for small buildings based on useful energy needs by Sérgio Fernando Tadeu

Paper #118: Comprehensive study of energy, comfort, and economic performance of the smart all-in-one window with integration of PV vacuum glazing and window frame heat recovery ventilation system by Ke Qu, Yuhao Wang and Saffa Riffat

Paper #120: The impact of prefabricated wall insulation (PWI) panels on building energy performance: Numerical simulation and experimental validation by Yuhao Wang, Ke Qu and Saffa Riffat

The conference took place in Nottingham UK.

Download the program here: Download Program